Day 1 at Tell es-Safi/Gath 2014

The Area E crew gathered at Kibbutz Revadim on sunday June 30, along with the rest of the excavation and analytical teams from the Tell es-Safi/Gath research project. Many of the old team was there was once again, which allowed old acquaintances to be renewed and new ones to be made. Sadly, some team members could not make it this year (Itzhaq Shai) and will be sorely missed. He is directing the excavations of the nearby site of Tel Burna at the same time and could not be in both places. There are new team members also for Area as well. Deland Wing and Samantha Workman (Incoming graduate students for the University of Manitoba) have joined us to run the Total Surveying Station and the Leica C10 Laser Scanner. There are several returning team members, some of whom have been promoted. Shira Kisos (MA student, Bar-Ilan University) has taken over as Area Supervisor, and Jon Ross (PhD student, UofM) and Jeremy Beller (MA student, UofM) will heading up our excavation teams, Annie Brown (MA student, UofM) is our administrator and lab supervisor, and Elizabeth Arnold (Asst. Prof., Grand Valley State University, Michigan) is our registrar. In addition, we have many undergraduate students and volunteers on the project this year. We are looking forward to a successful season and will be sharing many of our results with you.


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