Blagotin – a movie about the earliest shrine in Europe

I just discovered a movie (made in 1993) made about the excavation of a shrine at the Early Neolithic Starcevo culture settlement of Blagotin in central Serbia that we helped excavate many years. Tina Greenfield and I were staff members on the project many years ago. I directed the survey and the recovery and analysis of faunal and floral remains. It is in Serbian, but the images are great and evocative of a long ago period in our lives. Many of the individuals have either passed away (the star – Svetozar Nani Stankovic) or have become professors (e.g. Jasna Vukovic). Images of others including Alexandr Radoman and Bojana Jovkovic.

It is 1 hour, 12 minutes. Images of Tina and I are found about 35 minutes into the film.


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