Early farming communities in temperate SE Europe (central Balkans)

In this phase of my research, I was interested in the spatial structure of the earliest food producing sites in temperate SE Europe (central Balkans). This was the first area north of the Mediterranean littoral, with a temperate European climate, to experience the impact of the spread of farming communities from the Mediterranean and Near East. It set the stage for developments across the rest of central and northern Europe. During the period 1990-1995, my research in SE Europe shifted into an intensive study of the spatial organization of the earliest agricultural communities in the region. Previous researchers had never been able to determine the nature of social organization in Early Neolithic sites. In order to test the various hypotheses that had been proposed, I directed the spatial excavation of two Early Neolithic sites in Serbia (Blagotin) and Romania (Foeni) (1990-94). The excavations of these two sites demonstrated a radically different spatial organization for Early Neolithic communities than previously found in Europe.


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