Blagotin (1990-1995), Serbia

Blagotin is an Early Neolithic (Starčevo culture) site located in the piedmont zone of central Serbia. It was excavated with the late Dr. Svetozar Stanković (Univ. of Belgrade) before the advent of the embargo against Serbia. Four seasons of survey and excavation (1989-3) were completed, and there were two subsequent laboratory seasons.

The remains of a small (80×100 m) well-preserved Early Neolithic settlement were uncovered. Seven small pit houses were found, arranged in a circle around a larger central structure. The central structure is in the center of an open plaza and appears to have had a ceremonial and/or ritual function. Contrary to the other structures which contained the common (every-day) range of artifacts, the central structure contained two large (80 cm high) free-standing female figurines, an infant burial, dozens of smaller figurines, non-local chipped stone tools, and an unusual large quantity of unbroken ceramic vessels and animal bones.

Even with the political upheaval throughout the region capturing headlines from 1991 to 1995, I attempted to maintain some of the momentum of my research program in Yugoslavia and finish the analysis of parts of the site prior to the latest convulsion experienced by the region (1999). I am currently writing the final reports of the survey, excavation and palaeoeconomic data.


2 thoughts on “Blagotin (1990-1995), Serbia

  1. Dr Greenfield, Do you know whether the two Blagotin figures, 30cm tall, are still at the University of Belgrade? Do you know anyone there to whom I should address correspondence ? Richard W.

    • Hi. Sorry for the delay. I just saw this. Yes, the figurines should be at the University of Belgrade. I would contact Dr. Marko Jankovic . He is the director of the Archaeological Collection at Belgrade University.

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